Cake WAR

Cake Poker is proud to present a revamped version of the classic card game, WAR. Rediscover WAR through the Cake 2.0 client with all the strategy and excitement of the original game, plus plenty of new features updating it for online real money action.

WAR is a game where chance is eliminated, with bluffing and strategy determining who comes out on top. It’s a strategic game of psychology and excitement where the best player always wins.

WAR is extremely easy to learn so even the newest player can compete and win as long as they have a mind for strategizing. Playing for money online has never been so quick, easy and fun. Download the Cake 2.0 client and get a taste of what it’s like to play WAR today.

Cake offers two versions of WAR with Tactic WAR and Blitz WAR:

Tactic WAR is similar to the game of WAR that most people are familiar with. It’s the classic version of this exciting strategy game and sees each player receive 10 cards to play with.

Blitz WAR is a high-speed version of Tactic WAR with each player only receiving 6 cards and no central deck.

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